Fowler Seeding System

A number of Australian inventions and technological advances helped the expansion of farming around the turn of the 20th century. Inventions such as the stump jump plough, the combine harvester and the 'scrub' roller helped farmers to make the most of the harsh Australian environment.

A simple seeding system developed by Wongan Hills (WA) farmers Brian and Colin Fowler at the beginning of this century will help broad acre farming across the world.

This is Australian made for Australian conditions using Australian parts and services.

A well priced and cost effective system that can be incorporated with most new or used bars and finance is available for this equipment.

The Fowler Seeding System is a bolt-on
fully adjustable MINIMUM-TILL seeding module with:

    • Accurate Depth Control
    • Independent to the digging tine
    • Low maintainence
    • Side Pressing guage wheels !
    • Enhanced germination and emergence
    • Suitable for all soil types

The system was developed after years of frustration experiencing compaction in the seed row, soil crusting and seed depth problems.

The adoption of new technologies remains vital for farmers to continue to operate sustainably and profitably. Farmers are using modern technology such as GPS, and are adopting more efficient methods of cropping to maximise their returns. We believe that our seeding system can form part of this process.