Success Stories

“We sowed about 2400ha (6000ac) working around 8.5km/h to 9km/h in light white sand to heavy grey clays and loams and the system handled it all with no adjustment required.

Reduce Costs

Farmers have reported using lower seeding rates since using the Fowler Seeding System with many using 45-50kg/ha for wheat. “That’s up to 20kg/ha less than would normally be used.

Improved Yields

We achieved uniform germination across the workings. “I would say the plants were more vigorous and healthier looking. We finished with a 1.7t/ha average which in a tough year was excellent.”

About the System

A simple seeding system developed by Wongan Hills farmers Brian and Colin Fowler over a few years is now being produced by Colin at his Wongan Hills Business.
Called the Fowler Seeding System, it was displayed publicly for the first time the 2010 Mingenew Lions MidWest Expo following a move by Colin to leave farming and concentrate on the growing business of The Point Doctor which he established in 2002.
Brian Fowler built the first Fowler Seeding System module while Colin developed the unique gauge wheels which replace the traditional press wheels. They developed the system after years of frustration from compaction in the seed row, soil crusting and seed depth problems when using traditional methods and equipment.

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The Fowler Seeding System has been tried and tested for your local conditions


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